The Poetry of Fragments|2022.4.7-5.1

Solo Exhibition  | The Poetry of Fragments


The Gallery by SOILで4年振り2回目の展示となります。

I will hold a solo exhibition in Hong Kong from April 7th.

This is the second exhibition in 4 years at The Gallery by SOIL.

The Poetry of Fragments


Lacquer art by Mine Tanigawa 

7.4 – 1.5.2022

Curated and presented by The Gallery by SOIL

Shop H, Hollywood Building, 186 Hollywood Road Sheung Wan, Hong Kong


I enjoy nature and spend lots of time observing the landscape. And at the same time, these are fragments of my memories where I keep and use them during my art-making. These moments allow me to immerse myself and get lost within time and space, and I feel that there are no boundaries between myself and the world, or between subject and object, the boundary lines begin to blur.

When I decide the shapes of my art pieces, I often get inspiration from plants or natural scenery. I will visualise it through drawing, sculpting and lacquer making. Applying layers of lacquer is a kind of meditating process. The ancient technique of lacquer making has been passed down from generation to generation. I love to create with lacquer as it is transitory yet enduring.

The ephemerality of nature is embodied in my lacquer art as I try to capture nature’s shifting shape and form. At the same time, it gives a sense of permanence. The works at this exhibition represent fragments of my experience in the past year. I hope that viewers can appreciate my lacquer pieces like the ever-changing landscape or like the fleeting moments in life.



我試圖利用漆藝來捕捉大自然瞬間幻變的形態,體現永恆的感覺。 今次展覽的

Translation: The Gallery by SOIL